About Us

About Us

At the heart. . .

Imagine A Mind specializes in helping female service-based entrepreneurs build a profitable online business through the creation of digital products, integration of business systems, and use of personal development so they can enjoy a “free and limitless” life. Imagine A Mind has been featured in the international virtual conference, Think In Color 2021 – hosted by Thinkific, and CEO Blog Nation along with additional media mentions.

Our clients go from being the “new coach on the block” with zero leads to having a clear, targeted brand and selling an irresistible signature offer to their dream clients. Psst…can you say “lady-boss in full effect” or what?

Whether it is financial wealth, self-employment, or the ability to thrive, freedom comes in many forms. Imagine A Mind is here to help release those chains. We are here to support you.

Meet The Founders

Hey there! I’m Katherine Hanrahan.

Co-founder, CEO

I’m a digital product expert, thriving business coach, and audio engineer by trade.

After developing a side hustle to help women entrepreneurs navigate their digital media and website projects, I soon discovered a passion for equipping business owners with the expertise and tools they struggled to find, but needed to succeed… and voila, Imagine A Mind was born. I love finding solutions to technical and business challenges while helping others discover the courage to do the same.

Hello! I’m Aline Hanrahan.

Co-founder, COO

I’m a business development coach and Licensed Professional Counselor.

My background stems from 20+ years of combined licensed counseling and corporate experience; in addition to having owned and operated two successful six and seven figure businesses. I’m passionate about helping women who want to succeed in building a business from the ground up or scaling it for continued growth, but are unsure of how to do so. I’m also heavily invested in helping others grow both personally and professionally.


At Imagine A Mind, we seek to empower women entrepreneurs by equipping them with the latest business tools, know-how, resources and inspiration needed to succeed.


Our vision is to create a community of like-minded women business owners that feel supported, knowledgeable, and ready to take both their business and life to the next level.


Imagine A Mind is an advocate for the safety and well-fare of women, children, and the shelterless. We look for opportunities to aid these causes while bringing awareness.

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