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Our family recently suffered the loss of a close family member who was highly respected and loved. Prior to the death of our loved one, all access was denied to say a final good bye. How do you move forward when you've ben denied closure?

Although a traditional form of saying good bye in person is often believed to be the best form of closure, closure can be obtained in other ways. Writing a letter and reading it out loud to the loved one or putting together a video tribute can be quite powerful.

A friend of mine recently lost her job and since has been battling anxiety and depression, after reliving the events over and over. How do you help a friend move past a hurtful event when they seem stuck?

Loss in any form can be difficult. Add in underlying or newly discovered anxiety and depression, and the situation can become heightened. In these instances, loss is best processed with the help of friends, a support group, and a professional. Having a safe and supportive listening environment with these elements is key.

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