As an ageless beauty of 52 (in my mind lol), sleep is something that has alluded me and many of us throughout the years. It is the most sought-after commodity that you can’t buy. 

Sleep has no respect for age or gender. It’s ability to rob our bodies of energy, renewal, and restorative properties can be costly. When we ask ourselves, “what keeps us up at night”, it’s a literal phrase usually tied to things such as health, stress, pain, grief, hormones…the list is endless. At the moment, we can add a pandemic to top it off.

There are times when we can’t or won’t conqueror the many things that plague our sleep. But what we can do is use these recommended tips and tricks to regain as much rest as possible.

  • Get in tune with your body, surroundings, and what’s happening in your life. 
  • Ask yourself, “What is my nighttime routine? Do I use technology right before bed? Drink caffeine too late? Work in bed?” 
    • What habits do you have that could be working against you?
    • Once you’ve identified and analyzed these habits or behaviors, determine what changes you are willing to make to achieve your goal. 

Examples may include:

  • Going to bed earlier
  • Turning off technology for a designated time prior to bed
  • Drinking less caffeine throughout the day
  • Journaling your nightly routine before bed
  • Lowering the room temperature
  • Limiting noises and disturbances 
  • Considering the comfort of your mattress – Do you need to upgrade?
  • Trying out a fluffier or cooler pillow to support your head
  • Evaluating health challenges that affect your sleep (consult your doctor)

These changes and tips are bound to make an impact on your sleep quality. My daughter and business partner, Katherine, once struggled with getting a good night’s sleep.

Here is some of her advice: 

  • Try out Spotify’s sleep timer feature with a slow, relaxing song.
  • Don’t miss your sleep window. When you are sleepy, go to bed.
  • Try a massage closer to bed time
  • Sleep with a hot water bottle
  • Incorporate chamomile tea before getting in bed
  • Discover a sleep music app to use before bed. Some apps incorporate bedtime stories (and may come with a fee), but it is a great way to doze off. 
  • Say a nightly prayer. 


Remember, restorative sleep is the key to having energy, a balanced mood, and a productive day. Shoot for at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night and begin to incorporate some of these tips into your nightly routine. We hope you find this blog post helpful in your journey to a good night’s sleep. Have a good tip? Leave a comment below!

Thinking of you,

Aline & Katherine 

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