Branding is one of the most important elements for any business; especially those running fully online. Having a strong brand not only makes your business look cohesive, it also allows it to be identifiable by your customers.

So what does it mean to look “branded”? Well, you’ll want to start with a logo! This should be a unique and original design that represents your business and incorporates chosen brand colors. Now what are brand colors you may ask? They are 2-4 different colors (or varying shades) that you use consistently throughout your business including: social media, physical products, and website.

Brand awareness is extremely significant and you do NOT want to skip on it when building or working to grow your business. This is why we created a FREE Branding 101 Guide for entrepreneurs trying to solidify their brand! Let us break down everything you need to know!

Scouring the internet for answers can be exhausting, so we saved you the hassle and created this helpful introduction to brand awareness. Download it for free below!



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