Ok, I’m sitting here at my computer eating my no-salt potato chips watching Wendy Williams, thinking about what I can impart to you today that might inspire or encourage you to know that you are loved, matter, and have talents that you have yet to tap into. 

Well it’s true! I know we hear it all the time, but how many times in a day do you envision yourself doing something extra ordinary or becoming the person you aspire to be. So, I guess today’s message is: “To thine own self be true”. I admit as a wife, mother, employee, and entrepreneur, it’s so easy to lose sight of yourself and take on someone else’s idea of what mold you should fit into. 

Why do we do it? We do it because somewhere deep inside we believe that if we invest in the other person’s idea of who they want us to be, we’ll be happy and get what we want in the end.

It’s called being a conformist and when you take that stance what you’re really saying is, “I don’t matter, I can wait to live the life I want”. Well, what if you never get to live the life you want? What then? 

After a year of losing so many loved ones near and dear to my heart, I really reminded myself to stop saying what I will do and to start doing. Take that trip, book those dance lessons, or better yet – change the job you’re always complaining about and not happy with. 

Do you boo! There’s no time like the present. Live in the moment and make memories. Live, laugh, love and sing as loud as you can. There are no do overs in life. 


I admit I’m guilty of being one of those people who live in their head. After all, everything’s perfect in there: the mood, the lighting, and the timing. This year I’m taking a chance by sharing my thoughts, hopes and dreams with you, my dreamers. Won’t you join me on this journey? I think it’s gonna be a nice ride!

Thinking of you,


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