Coming Soon: Conquering Heartbreak

Coming Soon: Conquering Heartbreak


A guide to healing the heart. 

“Many people struggle to overcome the emotional pain and broken trust caused by heartbreak, and few find solace in recovery. Journey with me as I capture the essence of what it means to experience heartbreak at its core and to overcome it. “Conquering Heartbreak” is the ultimate guide to healing a broken heart and restoring your life back to a healthy, happy state. You don’t want to miss out on this transformative read!”

– Aline Hanrahan


Genuine, Professional Advice

  • Ground-breaking insight from a licensed therapist that has transformed and renewed the hearts of her clients.


A Roadmap to Recovery 

  • Learn to recognize the stages of heartbreak and where you are in the process towards recovery.


Unique Bonus Content:

  • Beautiful journal pages with thoughtful prompts that are sure to open your eyes.


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