While it was still relevant before, COVID-19 has shown the world the truth about job security; it doesn’t exist. Many people lost their main source of income in a matter of months and there are still millions dealing with this reality in the United States.

Whether you lost your job, dislike your current situation, or are looking for additional income, starting an online business may be the perfect option for you!

There are a plethora of online businesses or side hustles you can start today too, including:

  • Creating an online course
  • Dropshipping
  • Freelancing 
  • Opening an Etsy shop
  • Blogging/affiliate marketing
  • Virtual assisting
  • Coaching
  • & More!

Everyone has something they love to do and are good at, and you can use this to your advantage. A great opportunity for many new entrepreneurs and content creators has proven to be building an online course!

Interested? Here are three out of countless other creators that were able to take their lives to the next level!

  • “Trey Cockrum: Created a wedding photography course that made nearly $6,000 in 20 days after launching when he was 17.”
  • “Jeff Rose: A certified financial planner that made 6 figures with his course that teaches financial advisors how to grow their business through online marketing.”

Source: TeachinGuide Article

Let’s not forget Social Media Coach, Vanessa Lau, who launched the 3rd version of her “Bossgram Academy” course and made over $1 million dollars.

An online course is an EXCELLENT passive income stream- meaning that once you build it, the course will run itself as sales are made. All you need is your true fanbase or marketable audience, an online course platform, and a way to promote your course (Instagram, Youtube, etc.)

For over a year, we have been using Thinkific as our trusted online course platform. We house all of our online courses and even our membership for beginner to mid level women entrepreneurs, The Dream Achievers Academy. It boasts so many helpful features and options; plus, it’s free to start using!

Thinkifc has allowed us to host all of our masterclasses, recorded coaching calls, and expert interviews with business professionals under one roof. Helping women build and elevate their online business is one thing, but doing it in style (and with ease) makes the deal even sweeter for us. 

Thinking about trying Thinkifc for yourself? We’ve got you covered! Enjoy 1 month free of Thinkifc Pro and all it’s amazing features below!


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